yah's holy alliance
Do Ya Wanna Live Forever?

Do Ya Wanna Live Forever???


MMs StarNet Mission Site:
are Sacred Name mission sites in the Faith of the true Nazarene who is Yahshua Messiah, and not that other guy... (Iesus of Rome who is Tammuz of antiquity, the Tree Spirit in the pagan religion of Human Sacrifice, none other than the infamous Antichrist, who never existed after all)!

This illustration signifies renowned Red Dragon, falling into the Abyss, Slain by the Two Edged Sword; indicating the Lies of Satan being overcome by Saving Truth!


Do Ya Wanna Live Forever?
Take a Second Chance at Life?
Do it Right the Next Time?

Dare to Take a Step Across the Threshold of Eternity?
Claim Your Birthright in Life & Truth?
To Live, Forever?

In Eternity, Time Ceases; Only Endless Hours of Timelessness...
Who Will Cry for Thee in Kidron's Vale, Beyond Gehenna's Gate? 

Behold the Eternal Star, Who Guides Us Through the Labyrinth, 
Beyond the Great Abyss, Past the Firey Lake, Unto Paradise! 

El is Love & He Has a Plan For You! 

"Come Unto Me, Ye Who Are Heavy Laden, 
I Will Give You Rest..." "And My Burden is Light," 
... "that You May Live Long In the Earth, Forever!" 

"What is His Name, & What is His Son's Name, if Thou Cans't Tell?" 

"I am Yahweh, That is My Name Forever!" 
"My Glory I will Give to None Other!" 

"One Name Given, Under Heaven, Whereby We Must Become Saved." 

"They Are Already Condemned For NOT Believing 
in the Name of the Only Begotten Son of Yah!" 

The Truth is in the Sanctuary of Yahweh, 
and the Truth Will Set You Free! 

Survival of the Fittest is Survival of the Faithful! 

Our Standard: the Authority of the Bible/NT as the Word of Elohim

We are here concerned that all Yahwist Nazarenes benefit from the Original Standard of Saving Truth, 

which is that which the Bible is, indeed, in the final analysis, even the ultimate Authority on any biblically related topic (even Saving truth); and the holy Spirit which elaborates on holy Writ, personally.

“If it is not according to this word, there is NO LIFE therein…” 

 to that effect

And THIS Standard itself, is indeed “Saving Truth”.

We may disagree on this or that, but ultimately the Bible is the final Authority on all Biblical topics, and must substantiate all we present or we will simply have NO credibility with each other, or with the world, and ultimately no hope for Salvation.

When the Standard is Rejected, Chaos, Poverty, and ultimately Death, ensue.


The Truth is in the Sanctuary of Yahweh!

And the Truth will Set You Free!

StarNet is singularly concerned with Saving Truth, 
and thus is not inclined to participate in anything 
political or worldly; nor inclined to debate. Discussion, ok.

This is a site for New Testament YAHWIST Nazarenes; 
and for ANYONE curious about Saving Truth.

We are Christians per’se, even "born again" NAZARENES

who believe in and do happily confess Yahshua of Nazareth,

the Son of Man (even of the New Testament); 
and his Resurrection: he Lives, still! and forever!